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Seamless Money Management

Experience the perfect blend of traditional banking and crypto management for a hassle-free financial journey. Neo One seamlessly integrates all your financial needs in one app, providing unparalleled convenience.

Manage your money in multiple countries with instant local IBAN creation.

Choose GBP, Euro, or both!

Neo One puts the power of choice in your hands, ensuring your financial preferences are met with ease.

Multi Options

Get your VISA NEO Cards – Crypto Card, available in physical and virtual formats. Whether you prefer the tangible feel of a physical card or the convenience of a virtual one, Neo One has you covered.

Gain insights into your spending with powerful analytics covering all your linked accounts. Budget smarter and reach your financial goals quicker with real-time categorization and visualization.

Explore Banking Mastercard

Discover the versatility of Neo One Banking Mastercard, offering both virtual and physical card options seamlessly connected to your banking account and operations.

Unlock a world of financial insights by managing your spending with powerful analytics across all your linked accounts. Enhance your budgeting strategies and achieve your financial milestones faster through real-time categorization and visualization.

Unlock Financial Freedom with NEO One Open Banking

Your Gateway to Seamless Financial Control

Experience the future of finance at your fingertips with NEO One Open Banking. Seamlessly link your accounts, gain real-time insights, and enjoy secure, transparent transactions—all in one place. Welcome to a new era of financial freedom. Open the doors to NEO One Open Banking today.

How It Works

Embark on your Neo One journey effortlessly

Sign up in minutes, link your accounts seamlessly, manage cards with a single click, and enjoy secure transactions with advanced encryption and 2-factor authentication.

Unlock a World of Financial Convenience with NEO One App

Transform the way you manage money with NEO One. Access exclusive perks, seamless money management, and crypto growth—all in one app. Take charge of your finances today. Download now from official stores!


Enhanced Financial Journey

Flexibility in Finance

Enjoy the convenience of managing both personal and business accounts seamlessly within Neo One. With both accounts housed in one app, you can effortlessly switch between your financial roles with unmatched convenience.

Crypto Management

Effortlessly manage, send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrencies globally with NEO One. Get your Crypto Card instantly and use your crypto with Google Pay. Neo One empowers you to navigate the crypto world with ease.

NEO Hub Rewards

Unlock exclusive partner offers, enjoy discounts of up to 80%, bring your projects to life with NEO Loans offering up to €50,000 in just minutes, and earn cashback as you spend. Neo One goes beyond traditional banking to reward you for your financial journey.

Transaction Visualization

Transform your transaction history into a vivid narrative with Neo One. Instantly see logos, names, addresses, and business types associated with each transaction. Your financial journey becomes a visual story.

Geographical Mapping

Pinpoint your financial journey on a map with Neo One’s geographical mapping feature. Every transaction is uniquely represented, unveiling your financial story in a visually engaging way.

Advanced Security

Your safety is our priority. Neo One employs advanced fraud protection, rigorous security features, and 24/7 in-app customer support. Transactions are secured with two-factor authentication, and we make no compromises when it comes to data security.

Download NEO One App, Now!


Discover why millions of customers globally rely on NEO ONE for their financial solutions.

Our commitment to security and reliability has made Neo One a trusted choice in the global financial landscape.

Clear Pricing

Choose a plan that suits your needs with Neo One’s fair and honest pricing.
Our subscription plans offer a range of features designed to meet the diverse needs of our users.

NEO Standard

Foundational features for your financial journey. Send money abroad, stick to budgets, and get more from your money with our Standard account.

NEO Plus

Elevated perks at a budget-friendly rate. Priority in-app support, enhanced spending protection, and more – all with the Plus subscription.

NEO Smart

A smarter financial approach. Enjoy benefits that seamlessly integrate into your life at home and beyond with the Smart subscription.

NEO CREDIT (NRT) – Embrace Financial Innovation

Experience the future of finance with NEO CREDIT (NRT), a revolutionary utility token empowering seamless transactions and enhanced accessibility within the My NEO Group ecosystem.

Explore the potential of NRT and join us in shaping the next generation of financial technology.


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